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What is the Spanish General Access Point?


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  • Why was the General Access Point created?

    The Spanish General Access Point (SGAP) was established as a single access point, through the Internet, for citizens to Public Administrations, with the aim of trying to solve the problem of the existance of scattered information provided by Public Administrations on different portals and web pages, as well as duplicated information and lack of adequate coordination, which was hindering the access of citizens to procedures and services. 

  • What is the Spanish General Access Point (SGAP)?

    The Spanish General Access Point (SGAP) is a web portal of the State Administration whose url is: https://administracion.gob.es .

    As a single point of access it allows citizens to access horizontal information of Ministries and its linked or dependent public bodies, as well as information on public employment, aids, grants, scholarships, and regulations of interest of Spanish Public Administrations and of the EU.

    It gives access to the official websites of ministries, autonomous bodies, Autonomous Communities, Local Entities, as well as to their electronic offices.

    In addition, it offers both citizens and companies access to procedures and electronic services of Public Administrations gathered by subjects, as well as to information on the functioning and organization of Public Administrations and the Spanish State.

    This portal has also customized assistance services: a citizen mailbox and an online webchat. Other contact channels are: 060 telephone and social networks.

    Besides the SGAP has a restricted area for users, which is accessed after authentication (electronic identification), called Citizen Folder, at which citizens can access their personal data, the status of their administrative records, their notifications, etc.

  • What is its legal basis?

  • Ownership and management

    • The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Civil Service owns the General Access Point.
    • It is managed by the Directorate-General of Public Governance, through the Subdirectorate-General of Transparency and Citizen Services, with technical support and in coordination with the Secretariat General of Digital Administration.

What we offer you

  • Assistance and guidance: contact channels

    We offer you assistance and guidance through different contact channels:

    • Face-to-face assistance: we inform you about the available citizen assistance and information offices.
    • Telephone assistance: we inform you about the general assistance telephone numbers in the different public administrations.
    • Web-based assistance: we give you access to public websites, many of which have citizen mailboxes.
    • Social networks: many of the public social networks respond to your queries; in any case, by following them, you can keep updated.
  • General information and news

    • News:

    We publish news about public administrations that may interest citizens.

    • General information:

    We give you access to the most demanded request an appointment services, as well as to electronic offices, work calendars and public holidays, national administration apps, etc.

  • Public employment and aids

    • Public employment:
      • You have a public employment search engine at your disposal. You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, choose to receive customized notifications by email or download our public employment app.
      • You can also enroll in public employment selective tests of the State Public Administration through the IPS application.
    • Aids, grants, scholarships and prizes:
      • You have a search engine at your disposal. You can subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter, choose to receive customized notifications by email or download our aids app.
  • Procedures and electronic services

    • Procedures:
      • Whether you are a citizen or a company, we inform you and help you with your procedures.
      • Citizens, you can access information on procedures that you should perform throughout your life, classified by subject. For example, procedures related to healthcare. We provide you with frequent paperwork guides and a procedure search.
      • We also offer information on the procedures that interest professionals (business owners or self-employed).
    • Electronic services:
      • We provide you with access to the most frequent electronic services (FNMT electronic certificate, cl@ve registration, electronic notifications, electronic registration, social security certificates, etc.).
      • Through the so-called citizen folder you can check the status of your files, your notifications, your records as well as your personal data registered by Public Administrations.
  • Public Administration, State and the EU

    Public administration and State; the EU:

    We provide you with direct access to official bulletins and journals, directories and org charts of public bodies, and we explain you the way the State, Public Administrations and the European Union operate.

  • Participation

    • Participation giving feed-back on this web portal
      • It is foreseen this web portal's users can give feed-back on the quality and availability of the information of the portal and can make suggestions though a feed-back tool (that will be available soon).
    • Participation in the process of producing regulations
      • You can participate as a citizen, organization or association in the process of developing regulations. We provide you with access to the sections published on ministries' websites.
  • Rights of citizens and businesses in the European Union

    • We offer you links to different sections of the European web portal Your Europe(Abre en nueva ventana) (in which we participate as editors, together with other EU Member States and the European Commission).
      • This web portal provides information and advice on the rights of citizens (Abre en nueva ventana) and businesses (Abre en nueva ventana) in the European Union, provided in all the official languages of the EU.
    • We are also working on the implementation of the European Regulation of the Single Digital Gateway(Abre en nueva ventana) to access information, procedures, assistance and problem solving services.
      • The objective of this regulation is to provide citizens and companies with a common, accessible, complete and simple interface, which will facilitate the exercise of their rights and obligations in the European internal market using digital technology.

Assistance channels

  • Assistance mailbox

    If you have questions related to your relationships with Public Administrations about procedures, calls and, in general, paperwork, you can send them to us through the assistance mailbox of the General Access Point.

    You can also send us your queries or suggestions related to this web portal.

  • 060 Telephone number

    060 Telephone number provides you with general administrative information about public services and procedures of the State Administration.

  • WebChat

    WebChat is another communication channel available to get information and support with regard to the electronic services that you can access at this portal web.

    Through this means you can request information, but you cannot perform administrative procedures.

Social networks

  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

    Through our social networks you can keep updated, ask us questions, and interact with us:


    In our YouTube channel you can access the videos that we are publishing (you can subscribe to our channel and receive notifications every time a new video is published):

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